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To connect new believers with the local church to facilitate intentional discipleship

In order to maximize the fruit of the Jesus Cares Campaign in your market, Groundwire is looking to partner with Kingdom-minded churches that are geographically and demographically strategic and can help in connecting people impacted by the campaign with a body of believers.

Instead of reverting back to the traditional model where seekers and new believers are expected to pursue the local church and seek out discipleship, we are looking to Reverse the Model! We are looking for churches that will pursue those asking the right questions and coming to faith through the Jesus Cares Campaign.

The goal is to create a warm hand-off to an intentional discipleship relationship even before they step foot into the church. Effective follow-up is going to be facilitated by churches, but executed by individuals.

The churches that make great partner churches exhibit the following characteristics

  • Biblical in their approach and teaching

  • Relevant without compromising Biblical standards/convictions

  • Not shocked or judgemental at fringe appearance

  • Effective with Millennials (culture/community)

  • Embrace discipleship responsibilities with one-on-one relationships

  • A culture of outreach and missions

A church will be asked to participate in the Jesus Cares Campaign by creating awareness in their congregation. To get started, place your church contact information on our church finder.

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